The Difference Between Criminals And Corporations

Criminal Corporation

If this is true, what does that make the federal government?


12 Of The Greatest Stephen Fry Quotes

Stephen Fry 11

There are few names–or noses–better known in today’s literary world than Stephen Fry. From poetry to journalism to plays, Fry has done it all…and likely better than you. Here are some of his most memorable moments.

Stephen Fry 9

Stephen Fry 7

Stephen Fry 6

Stephen Fry 2

Stephen Fry 5

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Hugo Chavez On The US’ Selective Salvation

Hugo Chavez Climate Change

The late Venezuelan leader said a lot of ridiculous things, but this one is pretty spot-on.


Bernie Sanders On Social Security

Bernie Sanders On Social Security

The Vermont Independent is one of the last great New Deal-heralding statesmen we’ve got.


Eight Great Critiques Of Capitalism That Aren’t In Das Kapital

Great Critiques Of Capitalism George Barnard Shaw

If Marx’s great critiques of capitalism don’t quite pique your textual fancy, maybe the thoughts of intellectuals ranging from Bertrand Russell to Alice Walker will.

Fran Lebowitz Capitalism

Great Critiques Of Capitalism Alain Badiou

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