What We Think Obama Does Vs. What He Actually Does

What President Does

Add an anvil to the first frame to represent Congress, and you’ve got yourself an accurate assessment of the modern presidency.


Don’t Look Now: Benghazilla Is Back


A fraction of a drop of water in the deep well of American errors abroad, the massively minuscule Benghazilla monster is back and is more of a national security threat than ever.


American Slactivism


Slap some words onto a poster or a screen to show you’re involved, that you care about that which does not directly affect you. Pick a good filter to make your eyes really pop, and share with your friends. Otherwise, who cares that you care?


Hashtag Diplomacy

Hash Tag Diplomacy

Given its successful use during uprisings in Iran and previously in Moldova, in 2009 a former US security adviser actually vied for Twitter to be nominated for that year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Since then, others have likened it to the “underground railroad of activism. We’re a bit ambivalent. Does a 140 character limit compromise our ability to comprehend the complexity of serious issues?


Paul Ryan’s Path To Prosperity

Path to Prosperity

It’ll be a little uncomfortable, but as long as you layer you won’t bruise as much.


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