Those Lazy, Working–I Mean, Err–Mooching, Homeless

Employed Homeless

When nearly half of those without a consistent home to return to at the end of the day are actually working, it’s no wonder that finding a job isn’t that appealing to some. It’s time we had a talk about fair wages. Employment is supposed to provide a way out of poverty and homelessness–not condemn you to it.


Only In America…Or Somalia

Only In America

Somehow we doubt that the Founding Fathers would appreciate how one individual’s exercise of a right would trounce upon another’s decision to exercise his or her First Amendment right of free speech.


A Native American’s Timeless Take On The White Man

Black Elk Quote

The numbers on the clock might change, but character doesn’t.


No, There Aren’t Always Other Fish In The Sea

Fish In Sea

Or, “Why You Should Never Seek Relationship Advice From A Marine Biologist In Two Frames Or Less”.


2016: A Year For Speculation

2016 Speculation

I also heard that in 2016, there will be a month called February that many people have difficulty pronouncing.


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