Eric Holder, Always One Step Ahead

Eric Holder Resignation

Say what you will about his egregious abuses of power, Eric Holder’s always in the loop.


Meet Old Economy Steven

Old Economy Steven clings to contemporary Republican dogma as if it’s the last cold Budweiser in the fridge. He hates big government, nanny state spending but loves his social security benefits that he receives on time every month. Greedy unions do nothing but drag the economy down–save for the 20-year period he worked in a union-friendly environment and thus was able to retire comfortably with little expenses for which he can’t pay. You want to shake Steven really hard and knock some sense into him but then realize that your taxpayer dollars will likely pay for his trip to the emergency room and don’t want to give him that pleasure.

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Thanks to guys at Quick Meme for compiling some of Steve’s most shining moments!


The Incredible Diversity At The Senate Hearing On Sexual Assault In The Military

Senate Armed Services Diversity

Rest assured the male majority will be just as sensitive to the words of female sexual assault victims…right?


Monopoly Is An Old Game

Monopoly Old Game

You can also tell Monopoly is an old game because there’s actually a viable housing market.


A Quick History Of GOP Opposition

Republican Opposition

If you can’t afford to pay for your own meds, at least you can get high off your


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