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Where My Benghazi At?


Benghazi, noun: a state of anger that a black Democrat is president and there is nothing one can do about it.


The 15 Best Cartoons On Climate Change

US Climate Talks

Even as the world spent the majority of yesterday speculating on just what precisely could have caused Solange, Beyoncé’s favorite shadow, to pick a fight with Jay-Z, other important events still happened and were indeed reported on by major news outlets. Like, you know, the fact that part of west Antarctica’s ice sheet has begun to collapse and likely cannot be stopped. (Translation: future sea level rises so extreme that they may make “Day After Tomorrow” look like a Bob Ross painting). In light of this, we give you the 15 best cartoons on climate change. Because after all, laughing before impending disaster burns more calories than crying.

Climate Change Homosexuality

Plastic Car Emissions

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Summer Rerun Season


Prediction: when Hillary runs for re-election in 2020, a respirator-fitted Lindsey Graham will still be screeching about Ben-gha-zeeeeee.


Why “Breaking Bad” Wouldn’t Work In Europe

Breaking Bad Europe

Breaking Bad Taxpayers

So in a way, you under- and uninsureds should be grateful. You might not be able to afford to go to the doctor when you’re sick, but at least you got a great TV show out of it.


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